Ways of writing a farewell letter to a love interest

In one of our previous articles, we already spoke about writing a farewell letter to your loved one. This article covers a different topic. How exactly do I wish someone a “goodbye” through poetry and simple Whatsapp messages. Moreover, how do I write to my ex?

In Verse or in Your Own Words

If you have skills in writing poetry, then of course you may apply this talent. However, please mind that not every person will appreciate this approach.

a farewell through poetry

It is much better to write a farewell through poetry if both partners previously discussed the break up an this is that sort of “lyrical memory”. Your partner won’t be happy and might feel insecure if you catch them off guard.

You can also write a poem to someone who broke up with you in order to express all your feelings in a creative way. They will definitely remember how you feel.

Farewell Letter to Tears

In writing your farewell letter you may be able to bring a man to tears and cause him to regret the end of your romance. How to do this properly? Let’s discover together.

Remind him of a pleasant past

You want to take them on a pleasant “memory lane” journey when both of you felt your deepest feelings for one another. Following psychologists’ points of view, if you want to emotionally touch someone, it means that you value them and in this case want to get them back. And that is indeed possible! Don’t forget to mention that leaving your relationship behind upsets you and you hope to get everything back.

Farewell Letter to Tears

Now your goal is to relive some sweet memories. For example, you may describe how you felt when you saw him for the first time, or how you realised when you fell in love with him. Moreover, it is important to introduce a topic that he does not know about. For example, tell him how you waited for his call when you felt lonely, about your fear to confess your true feelings ro your dreams in which he appeared. All in all, there are many things that you can mention, purely depending on your personal experiences. Finish your letter off with a ‘Thank you’ and your deepest gratitude for your memories together.

Imagine a probable future

By writing about pleasant moments from the past, you will remind the person about what is left behind, but in addition to this, you also have the opportunity to show him what your future beholds. Write that you often imagined how everything could have happened in five or ten years. The variations are endless. If you would like to bring out his tears, use qualities that he had as examples of how it could’ve turned out in the future. Finally, note that you are glad for the fact that you met him and will forever treasure your memories.

No negative feelings, claims and reproaches

Certainly, the purpose of this letter is to evoke bright and nostalgic thoughts, which is why it is recommended to disregard any negativity. If he seriously offended you, then mention how you were defeated and lost after that, thinking that it was nothing but some kind of mistake, and a person like him wouldn’t do such things. However, do not focus too much on negative emotions- warm feelings are more effective.

How to Write a Farewell WhatsApp Message

A breakup message

Sometimes there are situations, when you realise that you don’t want to maintain a relationship with a person anymore. Kindly explain to your former lover that you do not want to continue any communication. Specify what caused this awareness. Thank him for all the good things, and, if appropriate, ask for forgiveness for offending him.

Wish him all the best and ask him not to disturb you anymore. Perhaps the man will try to apologize, but if you don’t want any further communication, just avoid any dialogue.

How to Write a Farewell WhatsApp Message

Farewell WhatsApp message to ex-boyfriend

Often times, your romance already came to an end, but you still feel a need to express your feelings to your ex. There is no point in hiding it, since you will be spiraling around your unexpressed emotions day by day. If you don’t let this go, it simply means that you are still part of the relationship as you never stop thinking about this person and your feelings towards them. Send a message to your former partner and end it with a “I won’t disturb you anymore. And please do the same. I wrote this not because I am in urge of conversation, but because I wanted you to know what I couldn’t say beforehand.” All in all, simple and honest.

How to Behave after Sending a Farewell Letter

Finally, we have come to the last paragraph of our article. This point is very important. As you perhaps know there are some people, who forget that the main purpose of a farewell letter is to end a relationship. There shouldn’t be any continuity after sending such a goodbye.

You should also be ready for the fact that most people prefer not to reply to a farewell, especially if it is unexpected, or if they disagree. To prevent this, you might try sending further condolences but this is not a good option. Otherwise, your so-called “final point” would be meaningless and this “goodbye” will repeat over and over again.

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